Light Impressions-Bacon A-fair
A food vendor at the Orange County Fair.


  1. A real explosive advertising. Are you sure black and white is in this situation better then color?

    1. I am honestly not sure if b/w is better than color. the sign is in bright yellow and very colorful, and that is what initially got my attention, and why I took the picture. But then when I was processing it, i felt that the colors were a little too distracting, and I thought that b/w gave the picture a lot of "texture" effect (the clothes, fries, food, writing) that I liked.
      Thank you for the honest and critical comment.

  2. I like your processing. I think I've taken this same shot at the OC Fair, and the colors are amazing. The fact that you chose b&w make it appealing to me... would have never considered it, and it looks great!

  3. Just love this shot...and perfect processing....definitely a must for black and white. Our fairs haven't begun yet...can't wait...getting a lot of good ideas from every body's trips to their local fairs.

  4. Congratulations LI,
    This piece of life, with bacon in it is one of the best pictures of the week. Very nice shot


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