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Bent But Not Broken

Bent But Not Broken

I took this picture at St. Elias Cemetery near the town of Hamat in Northern Lebanon.  This area know as Theoprosopon from the Greek meaning “The Face Of God” is a cape that is home to some amazing ancient sites such as the monastery of Our Lady of Light (Saydet el Nourieh), a small chapel honoring Saint Simeon Stylites and the 17th century Mseilha Fort.

I’ve already posted another picture (Rock By The Sea) from this area and will post some more when I get to it.

Sky-High Palms in Caprinteria California

Sky-High Palms Carpinteria

Defiance By Coincidence


I am not one who tries to find a meaning to every picture. But this broken tree is defying death as it continues to contribute to the landscape by turning one of its branches upright, and appearing as if it was still standing. What do you think?

Water Balloons

water balloons


For 4th of July we had a block party. The neighborhood kids decided to have a water balloon fight.

It took them hours to get ready, but only few fun minutes to get totally drenched.